Your Favorite Drunk Food

IMG_5974Take a minute and think back to when you were young, virile, and social. Back when your metabolism was spectacular. Your 23-year-old self.

You’re out at a bar with friends. You’ve had a few drinks, not enough to impede you in any way, but enough that you’re being bolder than usual with a cute girl you just met.

You can tell that your friends are ready to go, so you exchange numbers on your flip phone (remember, this is 9 years ago) and leave with your group. You pile into a cab and head to…where? Denny’s? Waffle House? That hot dog stand on Wash Ave? Uncle Bill’s? City Diner?

Basically, I’m sure we all ended up eating some food at 2:00 am that would give us a heart attack and indigestion now. But back then, on a night like that, that kind of greasy late-night food was the best ever. 

After a number of nights like that, you probably came to know what you truly craved late at night after a few drinks. I have a theory that we all have that one food that we absolutely must have in that situation. It’s different for everyone. I want to know yours.

For me, it’s popcorn. Buttery, salty, piping hot popcorn. I like popcorn in general, but after a few beers (which rarely happens anymore), I want popcorn more than anything else.

What’s your favorite drunk food?