Your Favorite Drunk Food

IMG_5974Take a minute and think back to when you were young, virile, and social. Back when your metabolism was spectacular. Your 23-year-old self.

You’re out at a bar with friends. You’ve had a few drinks, not enough to impede you in any way, but enough that you’re being bolder than usual with a cute girl you just met.

You can tell that your friends are ready to go, so you exchange numbers on your flip phone (remember, this is 9 years ago) and leave with your group. You pile into a cab and head to…where? Denny’s? Waffle House? That hot dog stand on Wash Ave? Uncle Bill’s? City Diner?

Basically, I’m sure we all ended up eating some food at 2:00 am that would give us a heart attack and indigestion now. But back then, on a night like that, that kind of greasy late-night food was the best ever. 

After a number of nights like that, you probably came to know what you truly craved late at night after a few drinks. I have a theory that we all have that one food that we absolutely must have in that situation. It’s different for everyone. I want to know yours.

For me, it’s popcorn. Buttery, salty, piping hot popcorn. I like popcorn in general, but after a few beers (which rarely happens anymore), I want popcorn more than anything else.

What’s your favorite drunk food?

11 thoughts on “Your Favorite Drunk Food”

  1. Pretty much any breakfast food works for me, although a couple of fried eggs and a piece of plain toast is my favorite late night indulgence after drinking.

  2. Chocolate-chip,peanut-butter pancakes with a scoop of ice cream.
    Or grub fries at “Pancake City” in Kirksville. These had everything on them (except grubs, of course).

  3. Mmmmm, grub fries at Pancake Shitty!

    I for one will hit up pretty much any fast food place possible–Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, McDonalds, even White Castle. Self control and nutrition are the furthest things from my mind when searching out late night drunk food!

  4. So much breakfast food here!

    I’ve heard that White Castle is the drunk food of choice for many people. For some reason that has made me want to never eat White Castle. I’ve never had it, drunk or otherwise.

  5. I actually grew up there and went to Truman for about a year and half before transferring to Mizzou.

    So basically, I went to Kirksville from 1982-2002. 🙂

  6. We always went for Taco Bell or Waffle House…or, if we didn’t feel like driving 30 minutes to the closest “city”, we would hop over to the Texaco (true story) for hot wings and sandwiches dripping with honey mustard.

    No explanation.


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