A Movember to Forget

IMG_2072-Copy-CopyLast November, I made an ill-advised move: I grew a mustache.

Specifically, I grew a mustache to join the ranks of men (and some women) who participate in Movember, a movement to use mustaches to promote testicular cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research.

It seemed like a good idea at the time: Grow a mustache, and when people ask about it, remind them to do a self-check in the shower (or get their favorite man to do a self-check). Actually, now that I write that, it just seems creepy. But my dad had cancer, and self-checks help catch cancer early, so it’s good, right?

The answer: On many men, yes. On this man, no way.

A week or so into Movember, I started noticing that people were no longer looking at my eyes when they spoke to me. They were looking solely at my mustache. And not in a “oh, that’s interesting/amusing” kind of way. More like “well, that’s unfortunate.”

Yeah. It was weird.

So I shaved it off early, but not before writing several comical blog entries about it. This tongue-in-cheek entry was the best received.

I’m basically writing this entry today to say that for the good of the world, I am not participating in Movember. I still recommend that you do a good ole fashioned testicular self-check, but please don’t think about my mustache while you do so.

Are any readers participating in Movember?

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