Hyperbole and a Half

hyperbole_and_a_half_book_1A few years ago, my ex-roommate introduced me to a blog called Hyperbole and a Half. At first glance, it appears like a site designed in Microsoft Paint 20 years ago.

But if you start reading the entries, you realize that it’s actually a really well-crafted, laugh-out-loud hilarious blog illustrated with images…drawn in Microsoft Paint. Which ends up being the perfect medium for the types of stories Allie Brosh tells.

The author got tons of acclaim for the blog, and then about a year ago (I think), she wrote an entry about depression that rocked my world (and many other people). I’ve personally never experienced depression, but I’ve had people in my life who have gone through it and/or are in it now, and reading Allie’s take on it led me to a better understanding of depression than anything I’ve ever read.

It was inevitable that Allie would get a book deal after creating all of this amazing content, and so when she did, I immediately pre-ordered the book on Amazon.

Then I forgot about it. Which, I contend, is the best part about pre-ordering anything, because you forget about it and then one day you suddenly have the thing your past self ordered for you, and it’s amazing.

So when Hyperbole and a Half showed up at my condo last Friday, I was delighted. And I was not disappointed. It’s a hefty, full-color book that does full justice to Allie’s storytelling talents. I’ve never laughed this hard while reading a book.

I recognize some of the content from the website, but I’m sure some of the content is exclusive to the book. It’s worth buying, and worth sharing. That’s where I am now. I want to share this amazing treasure with people (obviously I’ve already finished reading it).

So if there’s anyone in St. Louis who would like to borrow my copy, please let me know. The rest of you should buy it. Not the ebook version. The tangible, paperback version. This is a book that needs to be held and treasured like a fine cat.

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  1. Hyperbole and a Half hasn’t been part of my daily blog readings (which will change now I’m sure), but from time to time I’ll find my way over there and get lost in the drawings and storytelling. I’m not sure how much time I can dedicate to reading solely for my own enjoyment right now, but definitely put me on the list of people to borrow this book from you. 🙂


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