Pet Please #99: Real Mail

mailLast week after my Festivus party, I got a thank-you note in the mail from one of my guests. It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot to me, largely in part because it was a real letter. I could hold it as I read it. I could see the personality in their handwriting. It felt like I had gained something new.

When I sat down tonight to write this pet please, I was somewhat surprised to see that I hadn’t already written it. I have #12: Unexpected E-Mails from Old Friends and #75: Suggestive E-mail Subject Lines, but nothing about real mail.

Perhaps it’s because it’s so obvious. Of course real mail is awesome. It’s so rare these days to get something in the mail that isn’t a junk mail or a fast-food ad (Church’s, I don’t want your chicken. I only want Popeye’s chicken) that it’s a small miracle when something real arrives.

What’s the last great piece of real mail you received? Did you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my thank you note?

4 thoughts on “Pet Please #99: Real Mail”

  1. I LOVE real mail and try to send it as often as I can. I feel like it’s one of the easiest and cheapest things I can do to bring joy to someone else. I also write 10 fan letters a year to local businesses or people I admire, some anonymous, some not. Sometimes I even get replies 🙂 If you stop and think about how you can pay 44 cents and someone will take a piece of paper anywhere you want, including Alaska, it blows your mind. ALASKA! You can’t even get around your block for 44 cents in gas. The USPS is absolutely incredible and I hope it survives.

  2. I like real mail too and I get quite a bit. The holiday cards are rolling in as well as my magazine subscription reminders. 😉 As Emma stated, to send someone something in the mail brings joy. I also like that it reminds others that I think about them. Ok so specifically the last one I’ve received is an invitation to a gathering. Yay! Happy Thanksgiving, Jamey, and fans of Jamey’s terrific blog!


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