The Two Best Photos Ever Taken

Okay, I’ll say it: It’s weird being an uncle. Because everything my “nephew” (he’s not actually my nephew, but he’s my best friend’s kid, so I view him as close to a kid can get to being my nephew) and niece do is ridiculously cute. I don’t see either of them very often, so most of what I know about them are through photos.

I think the weird thing is that I can look at these photos multiple times and think they’re adorable. That doesn’t happen for other random cute photos. I might stumble upon a photo of a kitten cuddling with a baby panda online, and I’ll stare at it for a few seconds while my heart implodes, but then I’ll move on. Not so with my nephew and niece.

So you’ll probably look at these photos once, acknowledge their cuteness, and move on. That’s fine. But to me they’re the two best photos ever taken.

I can’t even caption this photo. It’s…it’s too much. And it gets better the longer you look at it. Look at Will, then look at elf. Repeat forever.

She just ate a new kind of fruit for the first time. Apparently she didn’t like it, but she kept eating it anyway. So. Cute.

4 thoughts on “The Two Best Photos Ever Taken”

  1. Thanks, Jaam! I’m pretty sure Will pointed to the camera just before this photo was taken and said, “This is for you, Uncle Jamey.” (It came out as, “Ju,” but we got the gist of it.) Wait’ll you see a video I took in the same store of Will picking up a santa doll that was playing Party Rock Anthem and then dancing with him.


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