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The 10 Elements of Great Customer Service

The 10 Elements of Great Customer Service

This entry was originally posted on the Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lesson blog. “I actually monitor all backer homes and workplaces for any mention of our games. It’s not creepy; it’s customer service.” –Jamey Stegmaier The above line is a joke–obviously I don’t have access to every closed-circuit camera and baby monitor in the world. It […]

Screw It, We’re Adding a Third Layer

Screw It, We're Adding a Third Layer

Today I was doing some grocery shopping, and as is my way, I eventually gravitated into the cookie/candy aisle. The Oreos instantly caught my eye. I crave Oreos approximately 4 times a year. For the rest of the time I acknowledge Oreos for what they are: stale compartments for high-fructose corn syrup. But for those […]