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‘Tis the Season to Watch “Love Actually” with a Critical Eye

'Tis the Season to Watch "Love Actually" with a Critical Eye

You see, I rather enjoy the movie. It’s one of those ensemble plots where there’s a little something for anyone. Love Actually romanticizes falling in love like almost no other movie. And it’s quite bold when it comes to rom coms–a number of the subplots aren’t about falling in love, but rather about sadly walking […]

The Sorrow of No New Blog Entry

The Sorrow of No New Blog Entry

This guest entry was written by best friend and reader T-Mac when he discovered there was no new blog entry this morning (I’m sorry–I’m a little preoccupied with Euphoria shipping right now!). The early JSB readers roused from our slumbers, sleepily dressed, defrosted our cars, and headed off to work as if it were any […]