Gandalf vs. Magneto: Who Would Win in a Fight?

sir-ian-mckellenI’m super excited to see The Hobbit (part 2 of 14, I think) this weekend. The other day I saw Sir Ian McKellen on The Daily Show, and as he and Jon Stewart were talking about something, my mind drifted to the age-old question about the two movie roles McKellen plays: Who would win in a fight, Gandalf or Magneto?

I’m sure we’ll get the answer for sure in the 2019 X-Men/Lord of the Rings crossover film “There and Back Again of Futures Past.” But for now, I present my thoughts, and I’d love to hear yours in the comments (or just a vote).

My first thought is that clearly Gandalf wins this fight. He’s not bound by laws of nature–he’s a friggin’ wizard. He fought and killed a giant fire demon while falling through the entire planet. Plus, he’s old fashioned–I highly doubt he wears anything magnetic beyond maybe a belt buckle or a belly button wizard ring.

Then I started to think more about Gandalf’s wizard powers. The best we’ve seen him do is create bright lights, generate minor telekinetics, and yell “you shall not pass” like a badass. When Gandalf is really in trouble, he hops on an eagle and flies away.

Magneto, on the other hand, is ridiculously powerful. He can effortlessly tear a fighter jet from the sky. He can lift a submarine out of the ocean and move it to dry land. He can take even the smallest bits of metal and turn them into deadly force.

So that belt buckle and that belly button wizard ring? Magneto would instantly turn them into unstoppable weapons.

I’m going with Magneto. Who’s your pick?

3 thoughts on “Gandalf vs. Magneto: Who Would Win in a Fight?”

  1. Gandalf. We may not have seen much of him, but I think that’s more due to restraint and less due to ability. Take away metal, and Gandalf has proven himself a capable melee combatant, and STILL has magic. Magneto may be more obviously powerful, but his power is dependent upon his circumstances.


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