Pet Peeve #54: Confirmation Emails When You Unsubscribe to Spam

Have you ever wanted–like, really wanted–to have the last word in a discussion? I know it’s petty and immature, but sometimes it feels so good.

Until they say one more thing.

This is how I feel about email spam. Every now and then I unsubscribe to an email list that added my email without permission, and I triumphantly press the “unsubscribe now” button.

“Ah ha!” I say. “I banish thee to never return!”

I then continue about my day, refreshing Board Game Geek or reading my Feedly.

A few minutes later I check my e-mail, and there at the top of my inbox, leering at me and undressing me with its spam eyes, is one final email from the spammer. One final word. One final slap in the face.

At that point, all I can do is throw up my hands and let the spammer have that small victory. But I wish I had the final word! Someday. Someday…

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