Traveling to the Tropics? Check Your Coat at the Airport

seinfeld_puffy_coatThis is a really small tidbit of information, but I thought it was cool (credit to Springwise):

Imagine you’re at the airport in the dead of winter. You’re traveling to the islands for a week on the beach while your workers scrape ice off their cars back at home.

You have a suitcase, a carry-on, one of those weird neck things that prevents you from sleeping on the passenger next to you…and a really big winter coat.

You don’t want to carry the coat to the tropics, but you don’t have a choice. Until, that is, you notice that you’re at Frankfurt International Airport (wait, how did you get there? That’s another story), and for a small fee, they’ll hang on to your coat while you’re sunbathing with a Georgia Peach in hand.

Brilliant. This is a real thing. So simple, yet so good.

2 thoughts on “Traveling to the Tropics? Check Your Coat at the Airport”

  1. Sweet idea! Bulky coats are such a pain to carry along.
    I wonder if they’d also store my bikini if I went to the Antarctic. Bathing suits just take up so much space in an expedition pack.

    • I have the same problem with my urban sombrero.

      (Also, thank you for mentioning the word “bikini” in the comments. It is one of my favorite words to see in blog comments.)


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