Your Favorite Super Bowl Pastime

Pastime. That’s a weird word. I had to write that out just to make sure it’s correct. Shouldn’t it be pasttime? Pastime sounds like some kind of liver-based dish. Anyway, the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, and people will watch it on their televisions. What do you do for the Super Bowl? Do … Read more

Retiring the Question “How Are You?”

A few days ago I noticed a link getting shared by multiple people on Facebook. Usually when I see more than one friend share a link, even if it’s about something I care nothing about–“Sloth Raises Really Fast Human Child!” (okay, fine, I’d read that for sure)–I’ll read it. So I skimmed the article. It … Read more

Sharks Can Tweet Too

This recent headline on Springwise made me smile: “In Australia, sharks now tweet when they approach the beach.” Best headline ever? Possibly. Even better, the concept is actually really cool. An organization is attaching tracking devices to sharks off the coast of Western Australia (I’m guessing they get their summer interns to catch and tag … Read more

Give Me a Book That Will Put Me to Sleep

Yesterday a reader gave me a book recommendation in the comments, which came at the perfect time. Here’s what’s happening: I read every night in bed for about 30 minutes before I go to sleep. My reading material has fluctuated over the years. Fiction is always in the mix, but for a while I subscribed … Read more

I Love “Her”

Tonight I watched one of the most unique romantic films I’ve ever seen…and one of the main characters isn’t human. Yes, I’m talking about “Her.” It’s a brilliant film, one that kept me thoroughly engaged and entertained throughout. And most importantly, unlike most movies, it really made me think. I wrote a somewhat controversial blog … Read more

The Best Ice Cream in the World

Every time I go home to Virginia to visit with my parents and family, I have but one request: Please make sure the fridge is stocked with Gelati Celesti ice cream. You may not realize this, but Richmond, Virginia is home to the greatest ice cream in the world. It’s not gelato, despite the name. … Read more

My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

I used this list as reference. Opening Weekend X-Men: Days of Future Past: The old X-Men meet the new X-Men…with Sentinels? Count me in. The Hobbit: There and Back Again: I have to see this before they split the third movie into three other movies and the universe implodes. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Honestly, I … Read more