Best of the Blog 2013

It’s been an interesting year for this blog with me now writing two blogs, this blog 5 times a week and the Stonemaier Games blog 2-3 times a week. I’ve definitely enjoyed this as an outlet for my whimsical thoughts and ideas, and I’m so grateful for those who continue to be a part of the conversation. I love your comments.

Here are the “best of” stats for this blog in 2013, featuring only entries that I posted this year (here’s last year’s for comparison).

Top 4 Most Viewed

  1. Tournament of Made-It-Myself Finals (2,743 views)
  2. How Do You Reverse the Effects of WD-40? (912 views)
  3. You Decide: Who Gets the Room? (710 views)
  4. I Will Stop Wearing Pants to Work on December 16 (553 views)

Top 5 Most Commented

  1. I Will Stop Wearing Pants to Work on December 16 (40 comments)
  2. Free Goodwill vs. Paid Goodwill: How Do You Know When to Charge for Your Advice? (32 comments)
  3. Massage Me (32 comments)
  4. You Decide: Who Gets the Room? (22 comments)
  5. I Want to Go to There (21 comments)

Total Page Views for 2012: 163,078 (compare to 263,871 in 2012)

Alexa PageRank: 1,607,515 (compare 1,433,238 in 2012)

All-time best (views): 10 Fun Facts About Puerto Rico (43,135 views)

All-time best (comments): The Grande Finale of Awkwardness (106 comments)

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