Give Me a Book That Will Put Me to Sleep

Great book, but it doesn't put me to sleep!

Great book, but it doesn’t put me to sleep!

Yesterday a reader gave me a book recommendation in the comments, which came at the perfect time. Here’s what’s happening:

I read every night in bed for about 30 minutes before I go to sleep. My reading material has fluctuated over the years. Fiction is always in the mix, but for a while I subscribed to a number of business magazines, so I would read them too. I also read business/psychology books from time to time.

What I’ve found, though, is that fiction is by far the best thing for me to read in bed. Nonfiction makes my brain start churning out ideas, and it actually wakes me up. Often I find it really hard to go to sleep after reading an interesting chapter in a business book or magazine.

But even the best fiction helps my brain relax. It helps me separate from all of the stuff I’ve been thinking about all day. Fiction massages my brain and relaxes me, and even if I really want to know what happens next, at a certain point I’ll start to fall asleep. Put the book down, turn the lights off, roll over, and I’m out.

Problem is, I’m short on fiction that I’m really excited about. I have the recommendation from yesterday, and I’m going to try it out, but I wanted to check with my readers to see what the last great book you read was. I’m open to all genres as long as it’s fiction.