I Love “Her”

Tonight I watched one of the most unique romantic films I’ve ever seen…and one of the main characters isn’t human.

Yes, I’m talking about “Her.” It’s a brilliant film, one that kept me thoroughly engaged and entertained throughout. And most importantly, unlike most movies, it really made me think.

I wrote a somewhat controversial blog entry a while ago about long-distance relationships. My view was that long-distance relationships aren’t healthy for a variety of reasons. I was writing from experience, but needless to say, some people weren’t happy with that assessment. To each her own.

I still stand by what I said about long-distance relationships (at least, I know for sure that it’s not a healthy form of relationships for me), but watching the relationship in Her made me question what a relationship could be.

No details or spoilers, but I’m sure you can tell from the trailers that Her is a movie about a man who falls in love with an operating system, and vice versa. Although the idea of an OS as part of a relationship is explored in a number of different ways, it becomes clear right away that the level of intelligence, personality, and feeling of the OS is on par with a human. It’s essentially a human that resides in an earpiece.

Isn’t that 90% of what a long-distance relationship is? A human being that you talk to all the time but rarely experience anything with?

In this case, I’m not saying anything bad about long-distance relationships, because in Her, it actually works. There’s an incredible amount of connection between the OS and Theodore. It’s unorthodox, but they find joy and depth in one another. It’s rather beautiful to watch.

I would highly recommend it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

6 thoughts on “I Love “Her””

  1. Just email you my thoughts since it contains lots of spoilers. I think this movie presents a love that is different from the norm and that is possible. A few years ago, a man married his “girlfriend”, a character in a Gameboy game. So falling for an OS in this movie is not that far fetch.

    Anyway, it makes me think of different types of love and their possibilities and how long they can last. Love and relationship. I feel like their definitions are always changing.

    I like a movie that makes me think and reflect.

  2. Got a similar story in a book for you – “There Only One Quantum”. You might just enjoy it. I think the largest thing lost in long-distance relationships is the non-verbal communication. Sitting on the couch at night, one spouse doing work, the other watching TV, but feet touching and maybe taking a break to share ice cream or laugh at a joke, that’s still a way of showing love. It’s sort of a “best we can do in this hour” thing.

  3. Like Jasmin, I have many thoughts about this movie after watching it, but most of them contain spoilers. What I can say without using spoilers is that watching these people in the future be so connected to their OS that relationships formed made me wonder if that’s how people who have internet addictions (with online games or whatever) feel about their computers now. Also, apparently a sequel (parody) is already out: https://goo.gl/eCjSsA


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