The Best Ice Cream in the World

Gelati CelestiEvery time I go home to Virginia to visit with my parents and family, I have but one request: Please make sure the fridge is stocked with Gelati Celesti ice cream.

You may not realize this, but Richmond, Virginia is home to the greatest ice cream in the world. It’s not gelato, despite the name. It’s rich, delicious ice cream, and it’s amazing.

When I was home for Christmas, I ate copious amounts of Gelati Celesti. (As I write that sentence, I realize that I just wrote about eating copious amounts of ice cream in Japan on a blog post a few days ago…I’m sensing a pattern here. Maybe my subconsciousness is telling me that I need to buy some ice cream.) I tried more flavors than I usually do, knowing that I would soon be back in St. Louis, hundreds of miles away from the best frozen milk known to man.

I’m writing this entry because I suspect that you have an undisputed favorite ice cream too. I’d love to hear what it is, and then I encourage you to immediately drive to Virginia to eat Gelati Celesti so you can comprehend how good it is.

9 thoughts on “The Best Ice Cream in the World”

  1. Oh ice cream…

    I have few vices: I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t use recreational drugs. I don’t even speed on the highway.

    But ice cream. If I ever love *ANYONE* as much as I love ice cream, they may have difficulty leaving my presence. Honestly, it’s 4 AM and I’m considering if I should go get some now. The best stuff I can normally get ahold of comes from Ted & Wally’s in Downtown Omaha. It’s slow churned, made from scratch with local ingredients. Worth the trip if you make it here.

    • Awesome comment, Marcus. Although I don’t think my love for ice cream would ever drive me to get it at 4am in the morning, I do enjoy it quite a bit. Let me ask you this: How much would you spend on a pint of ice cream? At one of our local grocery stores, they sell one particular brand (I can’t remember the name) for $10 each. It has really high-end ingredients, and it’s good, but I have a hard time spending $10 on a pint.

      • Jeni’s Splendid – worth the $10! Try the Whiskey and Pecans or the Loveless Biscuit and Peach. Unbelievable! Scoop shops in Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Atlanta and Nashville. Worth the trip.

        • I’ve actually had Jeni’s–they sell it here in St. Louis. I haven’t found my favorite flavor of hers yet, though, so I need to keep trying. 🙂

  2. I have a few favorite ice cream places around the St. Louis area (a couple are only open during the summer months), with Crown Candy Kitchen topping my list for being the best. The only bad part about visiting Crown is that it’s always super busy and their inside space is very tiny, but it’s definitely a place worth waiting in line for.

    • Interesting. So you think the quality of the Crown Candy ice cream is worth of the best-of list? I love their shakes and malts, but I would never ask for a shake or malt at Gelati Celesti. It’s too good to dilute with other ingredients or toppings.

      • Their shakes and malts are good, but I usually prefer to just get a double scoop cone when I go there, and even though that winds up being more ice cream than any person should eat in one sitting (I have a picture where a cone from there is about the same size as my face), I usually find that I’m willing to eat every last bite and probably wouldn’t say no to more… Thankfully I have some level of self-control. 🙂

  3. WHY!? Why must you post all these delicious ice cream posts!? And with a link? Oh, my gosh, they make their own ice cream cones! I’m very, very sad that I can’t eat that right now. I shall drown myself in some Oberwise ice cream.

  4. A new flavor came out at Oberweis last year: it’s coconut ice cream with chocolate-covered slivered almonds. Delicious! My mom has been keeping a small supply in her freezer for when my husband and I visit, and she even gave us our own pint last week! 🙂


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