Biddy’s Big Day

100_0313Today is Biddy’s birthday!

My cat, Biddy, turned 7 today. I adopted the little guy way back in 2007–that’s him on the left as a kitten.

I joke about cats and mention my adoration for them quite a bit on this blog, but if you had met me 8 years ago, I was completely ambivalent about cats. 8 years before that, and I was really allergic to them.

But Biddy changed all that. I’ve really learned what it means to care about a creature more than myself thanks to Biddy–some of you experience that with your kids, and although Biddy’s never going to grow up like a kid, I think we share that same type of protective, selfless love for our pets.

It’s been a tough year for Biddy. He had major stomach/allergy problems in the fall, and soon after was diagnosed with diabetes. After weighing 18 pounds for most of his life, he’s dropped down to a steady (and too skinny) 12 pounds.

Biddy birthday
Biddy likes a challenge when it comes to birthday treats.

So of course on his birthday I gave him all of his favorite treats in abundance: wet food with gravy, Temptations cat treats, some fresh chicken, and a little bit of ice cream. I also let him have open access to his toy chest all day–usually he’s only allowed to pick one toy, but anything goes on his birthday. And I fished out his favorite fuzzy ball from under the couch, where it will inevitably end up again.

Anyway, I won’t wax on about Biddy, but I love the little guy, and I hope 2014 is better than 2013 for him.

What do you do for your pets to celebrate their birthday?

3 thoughts on “Biddy’s Big Day”

  1. Happy Birthday Biddy! Hope your treats were extra yummy and you had a blast with your toys. My dog, Sheeba, will turn 12 in a couple of weeks. She will get extra treats including some that I only buy at Christmas and her birthday! I’m sure a new toy or two will come her way as well!


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