The Choice to Stay Together

File0017Yesterday was my parents’ 37th anniversary, so I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a little post in honor of them.

In particular, I want to honor the choice that they’ve made to stay together after all these years. As an outsider to marriage, I don’t know for sure if this is true, but my sense is that marriage is a series of choices to stay together or not stay together.

Sure, you swear to stay together forever, but that promise is only as strong as the people who examine that promise time and time again. It’s only as strong as the choice you make to continue to say yes to one another.

I’ve have the impression that my parents have chosen to say yes to one another many times over the years. They said yes when they moved to Seattle together, and they said yes again when they moved back to Virginia. They said yes when they had me and my sister and brother. They said yes throughout their careers, their ups and downs, their downfalls and successes. And they said yes today.

At least, I assume they did. I better call home. 🙂

Anyway, as someone who hasn’t learned to say yes in that way yet, I think it’s pretty cool to witness my parents doing that. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad.