The Timberlake Surprise

Justin-Avena-Table_BWWhile that subject line might sound like an obscure sexual position, it’s actually a reference to a recent phenomenon I’ve noticed. Perhaps it’s not even that recent.

It all started about 2 weeks ago when I was reading the blog of an alumnus of my high school who had her own show on MTV for a bit called Nikki & Sara Live. I went to a very small high school and wish I could say I knew this person, but I think she was a senior when I was a freshman, meaning that while she was preparing for fame, I was preparing for puberty. Very different worlds.

Anyway, I watched a bunch of clips of the show on YouTube, and one of them involved Nikki and Sara going to an interview that they thought was with KeSha (spelling? I refuse to spellcheck any name with a symbol in the middle of it). BUT the real guest was Justin Timberlake, which completely surprised them.

Then tonight during dinner I accidentally watched a MasterCard commercial in which Justin Timberlake shows up at a young woman’s house to thank them for being a MasterCard customer.

In both cases, the people being surprised can barely hold it together. Meanwhile, Justin stays calm, cool, and polite.

But what seems odd to me is that Justin Timberlake–actor, singer, producer, SNL regular–has time to randomly show up places to surprise people. Also, one of these days he’s going to show up somewhere to surprise someone, and they’re just not going to have the time or energy for a Timberlake Surprise. Like, they’ll be in the middle of a Breaking Bad marathon or something. Will that be the end of Timberlake Surprises? Or will he continue to try to delight people, like Gene on Arrested Development?

Also, I wonder if these people were asked if they like surprises. Some people (me included), really, really don’t like surprises–they’d have a much better experience if Timberlake texted them first or scheduled a short meeting over coffee.

What would you do if Timberlake showed up at your door?

3 thoughts on “The Timberlake Surprise”

  1. My first thought after reading about the Timberlake Surprise was, “great, how does one sign up to be the recipient of such a visit?” After thinking about it for a little bit, sure it might be cool to sit down and have a chat with JT, but in all honesty I’d prefer him to be accompanied by at least a couple of SNL cast members and be treated to a private performance. Or just send him to do my errands while I binge watch something like House of Cards on Netflix.

  2. I love Nikki and Sara, had never heard of them but they are a riot. I would be thrilled to be surprised by Justin Timberlake OR Gene Parmesan, anytime. For the record. I hope it never gets old but I think that’s a good point that it might. (Have you seen JT and Jimmy Fallon do the hashtag skit? DYING.)


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