The Top 3 Questions to Determine Relationship Compatibility

My solo trip to Ireland.

My solo trip to Ireland.

Yesterday on the esteemed Sarah Meets World blog, Sarah mentioned a really interesting tidbit she learned from a number cruncher at the online dating site OkCupid.

Apparently the data shows that if two people answer the following 3 questions the same way (doesn’t matter if they answer yes or no), they are 8 times more likely to be compatible. These magical questions are as follows:

  1. Would you ever leave it all behind and go live on a boat instead?
  2. Do you like horror movies?
  3. Have you ever traveled abroad alone?

This is fascinating for a few reasons. First, would you have predicted that those were the ultimate questions to determine compatibility? I sure wouldn’t have. Second, knowing this, why wouldn’t those be the first questions you ask anyone (in a dating situation)? If the results are that significant, why not get them out of the way right away?

For the record, here are my answers:

  1. No way. I don’t want to leave it all behind. I like “it” too much.
  2. No thank you. I would prefer to watch pretty much every other type of movie before watching a really scary horror movie.
  3. Yes, but I wouldn’t do it again. So I’m not sure where I fit on the compatibility scale of this question. Does it say more about me that I tried it, or is the key part that I wouldn’t do it again?

What are your answers?