How to Celebrate a Puffy Cat’s Birthday

Two years ago, I adopted my second cat, Walter, as a pet for my first cat, Biddy. This also unlocked my official designation as a cat lady (a term that isn’t very flattering for men like me who own cats).

I don’t know Walter’s exact age or history. From what I’ve gathered from the adoption shelter and Walter’s diary, he spent the first year of his life outdoors until he was brought in by animal control. When I met him, he was named Sidney. He appeared to be one of the more reserved, timid cats at the shelter, so I thought he wouldn’t be a risk to threaten Biddy.

I’ve discovered over time that Walter actually has a lot of personality and even some well-intentioned aggression. Unlike Biddy, Walter really wants to play with other animals. He’ll stalk and pounce on Biddy, and he’s been very curious and bold the few times a dog has been in the house.

It was tough to celebrate his birthday today because Walter doesn’t care much about treats. He loves catnip, and he has a few favorite toys, so I gave him both. He’s also a big cuddler, so I let him sit on me for a while today.

Here are a few photos of Walter to top off his “third” birthday:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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