How to Read 500 Word a Minute…and Would You Even Want to?

If you’re like me, you’ve developed the ability to detect and overlook ads on Facebook, no matter how hard they try to not look like ads. The only problem with this is that sometimes when people share real articles that aren’t ads, I skip them too.

That happened the other day when someone shared a post about a new app that lets you read 500 words a minute–essentially a full book in 90 minutes.

My brain said, “Ad!” and maybe a little bit of “That seems dumb,” so I skipped it.

Fortunately someone else posted the same link later, because the concept is actually fascinating. You have to click here and scroll down to actually experience it, but I’ll also describe it here:

The app only shows you one or two words at a time, and they’re near the center of the screen. This is very different than reading a normal book, where each page has tons of words. A normal book requires your brain to figure out which word you want to read at any given time, and it requires your eyes to move from word to word.

The app eliminates all that extra work. All you do is look in one spot and…GO!

It feels a little like a race, because you can’t look away or you’ll miss a word. It’s intense. But for its stated goal–helping people read faster–it’s incredible. It’s a really powerful tool.

That said, it’s not something I would use. I like to relax when I read, even if it takes a while. Is that your approach? Or do you wish you could read more in less time?

Thanks to Laura for sharing this with me!


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