Internal Debate: Saving the Environment vs Scooping the Poop

Biddy KemetI have a confession.

In the past on this blog, I’ve lauded the fact that I use canvas grocery bags. I may have claimed that I single-handedly saved the environment several times because of that.

It is true that I’ve used canvas grocery bags for many years. Not only are they good for the environment, but they also make it much easier to carry everything up from the car in one load.

However, I’ve encountered a problem. It started when one of my cats, Biddy, got diabetes, and he started peeing like it was his job. Apparently diabetics pee a lot.

Because of this, the amount of plastic bags for cat litter disposal has significantly increased. Previously, I’d use canvas bags while grocery shopping most of the time, and every few weeks I’d get plastic bags instead, and those plastic bags would take care of the litter for a few more weeks until I’d repeat the cycle.

Not anymore. Now I constantly need those precious plastic bags.

So…I’ve stopped using canvas bags. I’m destroying the environment, but I’m surrounded by a mountain of poop!

What should I do? Continue my attack on mother nature, or…well, I’m not sure what the alternative is, because I really don’t want that poop in my house. I’m sure there are plastic bags I could buy for this purpose, but is that any different than getting the plastic grocery bags for free?

11 thoughts on “Internal Debate: Saving the Environment vs Scooping the Poop”

    • Charles: That’s an intriguing idea. Is it okay to dump loose poop in a dumpster? I already put bagged poop in there…I wonder if that’s even okay.

    • This is what I did at our old apartment (the bucket came filled with the first cat litter we ever bought; I just kept re-using it as a litter “garbage can”). Line the bucket with single large bag, then just tie off the bag when it’s time to dump!

  1. Well, get the bucket that Charles suggested and the bags that JC mentioned to line the bucket with and everybody wins! Do NOT put loose poop in dumpster. That poop can come flying out when the dumpster is being dumped.

    Also, that cat pees like a grown man. That bucket and those big bio-friendly bags are going to be very useful.

    • I think the bio bag and bucket suggestions are both great but I probably wouldn’t combine the two. I use the bio bags for compost, and if there is moisture in it that sits a few days, the bag starts deteriorating (as it’s designed to do). This has resulted in a few composty messes – not a big deal in my case as I can dump the counter top container directly into the larger compost and scrub out the container. It’s not something I’d want to do when handling animal waste though.

      • Kristin: Ah, that’s a really good point. I’ll have to test that out a bit, as I tend to leave the bags on my balcony for a week or more before taking them down to the garbage.


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