Pet Please/Pet Peeve #106: When You Get All Green Lights

Green-lightsThis is a weird one. Because typically when you’re driving, it’s great when you get all green lights, right? You never have to stop. Think about the fuel efficiency! Definitely a pet please.

But the other day a friend pointed another side to getting all green lights. She was headed in my direction and offered to pick me up for a game night, and she intended to text me at a red light along the way.

Except she never got any red lights.

Not wanting to text and drive, she didn’t notify me until she arrived at my condo. Fortunately she texted me from her car, because I was probably naked. It’s just cats and me up here at Condo Stegmaier–clothes are optional.

But the whole situation could have been averted if she had just gotten one red light.

Has this ever happened to you?

2 thoughts on “Pet Please/Pet Peeve #106: When You Get All Green Lights”

  1. Getting all green lights is something I hope for every time I drive to work, since there are about 28 stop lights between my apartment and my job (I might be off by a couple, but did count them not long ago). It’s only happened twice that I can recall, but both of those times seemed quite magical.


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