The April Fools Internship

I’ve been in the working world since 2003, and this is the first April Fools that I haven’t had coworkers to prank. It’s a little weird.

You see, I’m a huge fan April Fool’s Day. I love a well-done prank, particularly one that is done in good taste and doesn’t inconvenience/hurt/scare someone. To me, a great prank is one that makes someone believe–even just for a few seconds–that something real is happening, no matter how outlandish it is.

We were discouraged from April Fool’s Day pranks at my old job, but every year the interns would find out that I loved pranks, and they would inevitably plan a prank for me. So naturally I tried to pull a prank on them every year too.

This year is a little different (at least, I think it is. They may be up to their shenanigans. If so, I sure hope they know that I don’t wear pants at my home office). This year I’ve planned a small prank with the interns. It’s a very small one, and no one will actually fall for it. But I’m hoping my former co-workers–whom I left to focus on my board game company full time back in December–will get a kick out of it.

Tomorrow I’m going to apply for an internship at my old job.

I’ve filled out the application and will submit it tomorrow. With answers as seen below, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get the job. (I used to work at a non-profit organization.)


Do you have anything fun planned for April Fool’s Day 2014?

Update: A few of my favorite online “pranks” are below, including one on my Kickstarter project.

“Announcing LinkedIn Cats You May Know”

“YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Trend Videos” (the video starts at my favorite one, Bun-Nutting)

“Emojify the Web”

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