I Lived Through a Freezing Cold Baseball Game: A Survivor’s True Tale of Survival Against All Odds

Yesterday, a small band of brothers braved the elements and survived an epic battle against all odds. This is our story. Four years ago, a tradition began among the St. Louis members of my fantasy baseball league: We went to a Cardinals game together. Some remember that day as a delightful excursion to the ballpark … Read more

The Long Take

One of my favorite techniques (or demonstration of technique) on film is the long take, a scene where the camera continues to roll for minutes at a time without cutting. You’ve probably seen a long take and didn’t even realize it. We’re conditioned to watch movies with tons of quick cuts. Our brains (and a clever director) … Read more

A Table Made for Cats

“A table made for cats, you say? Isn’t that every table?” Well, yes. Pretty much every table is approved by cats, especially if it has laundry, a laptop, or a really important document on it. I’ve posted some evidence below before I get to the solution. A few alert readers recently alerted me to an elegant solution … Read more

A Conversation of Thrones

Something weird happened today. Or maybe it’s not weird. Maybe this is just how people talk now. I had an hour-long conversation about A Game of Thrones. I love the TV show (I haven’t read the books). Epic medieval fantasy with sex, magic, and dragons? Yes please. Given the unconventional approach to the genre, t’s a … Read more