A Conversation of Thrones

Game Of ThronesSomething weird happened today. Or maybe it’s not weird. Maybe this is just how people talk now.

I had an hour-long conversation about A Game of Thrones.

I love the TV show (I haven’t read the books). Epic medieval fantasy with sex, magic, and dragons? Yes please. Given the unconventional approach to the genre, t’s a great conversation piece.

However, after talking about it for literally an hour today at lunch–discussing characters, motives, storylines, and future theories–I found it a bit weird that we opted to discuss a fictional world in such depth instead of something real.

Or maybe it’s awesome that George R.R. Martin has created such a conversation-worthy world. As a wannabe writer myself, I’d love to know that someone spent their lunch hour talking about my work in such detail.

What do you think? Have you ever gone through a fictional world character by character in conversation? Is it weird or awesome?