A Table Made for Cats

“A table made for cats, you say? Isn’t that every table?”

Well, yes. Pretty much every table is approved by cats, especially if it has laundry, a laptop, or a really important document on it. I’ve posted some evidence below before I get to the solution.

desk 1
When this happens, I have to make a choice between productivity and not disturbing the cuteness. Cuteness almost always wins.
desk 2
this happened literally within seconds of us finishing the game
desk 3
when one desk isn’t enough

A few alert readers recently alerted me to an elegant solution for this “problem.” A designer has created a working table specifically for cats:


It’s a rather clever design, and I actually like the desk itself (I like desks with plenty of flat surface area. Plus, it would be super cute to see Biddy’s face pop up from time to time.

But we all know what would actually happen if any cat owner got this desk: We would find our cats sitting on top of it more than ever before, completely ignoring the bottom level.

Still, clever concept.

4 thoughts on “A Table Made for Cats”

  1. This actually pretty cool. My former cat Mud Shark would have been all over it. Constantly climbing in any hole/den it could find.


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