Pet Please #107: Waking Up from a School Dream as an Adult

6a00d8345275cf69e201901e37afb8970b-800wiThe other night I had a dream in which I was an undergraduate student in college. The final exam in my Calculus class was coming up in 2 days, but I hadn’t studied for it at all. It wasn’t quite a nightmare, but it was still a tense, unsettling dream.

Then I woke up.

I lay there in bed for a second, returning to consciousness. It hit me: I wasn’t a 22-year-old in college. No, I was a 33 year old lying in a condo I own with a job I love. I didn’t have to do homework or classes or exams ever again.

Realizing this was seriously the BEST feeling.

I’ve experienced this contrast with other bad dreams, but the contrast between school dreams and career realities tops the list for me. I think it might be a reminder of how much I agonized over school for over half my life, and now I have the rest of my years to never have to do another homework assignment or study for an exam.

Sure, I’ll do real-life equivalents of those things–preparing for a presentation or working through piles of logistics…but I get PAID for that now! Waking up from a dream to realize that is the BEST.

What’s your favorite unsettling dream to wake up from and remember the awesomeness of reality?

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