Pet Please #108: The Bottom of an Ice Cream Drumstick

ice creamOne of my favorite summertime treats is the ice cream drumstick. Chocolate and peanuts on the outside, ice cream on the inside, all held together by a crispy waffle cone. SO good.

I’ve realized that my absolute favorite part of eating a drumstick is the end when all you have left is the solid chocolate filling and the waffle cone. I could eat just that part for dessert every night.

Which makes me wonder…why is that not a candy bar? Waffle cone plus chocolate. Actually, I think it might be a candy bar, but only in England, where people treasure their chocolate.

Come to think of it, they had something like this in Japan too. It was an ice cream treat where the entire outside was a waffle cone that looked like a breakfast waffle. On the inside were a thick layer of chocolate and a layer of ice cream.

I can’t remember the name of it, but I have a distinct memory of eating one of them late at night, biking 2 miles to our destination for the evening, then realizing that the evening would be even better if we ate another one, so we biked another 4 miles round trip just to get another waffle cone dessert out of the vending machine. They were that good. Or we were just that young and stupid. Either way, I remember it, so it was with the trip.

What do you think about the bottom of an ice cream drumstick?