Signs Made Better by Graffiti

I feel a little bad that these signs have been defaced…but they’re just so awesome. I found these on this post and thought I’d share my favorites with you for some Friday smiles. Which one is your favorite?

2014-04-03_2316 2014-04-03_2317 2014-04-03_2317_001 2014-04-03_2317_002 2014-04-03_2318

3 Responses to “Signs Made Better by Graffiti”

  1. Kim says:

    Love receives bacon, though straight up laughed out loud to sparta! Ahahaha!!!

  2. T-Mac says:

    I love of all them! I also chuckled a little at the Sparta sign. The bacon sign, while funny, is widely available on the internet in t-shirt format.

  3. Jasmin says:

    Bacon one is good. I also like the Darth Vader one. I’m really impressed with the Do Not Enter sign graffiti. I would of never thought of a bar scene or a person holding a bar. Very cool.

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