The App That Saved My Heart

2014-04-09_2019I’ve mentioned a lot lately that I work from home now. A lot of what I do is at the computer, especially during a Kickstarter campaign, so I sometimes sit for hours at a time. In fact, I’ve been so busy with Kickstarter that I haven’t even made it to soccer yet (the rain and cold haven’t helped).

Plus, my back has been giving me problems for a while now. Whenever I try to do pull-ups or situps, I strain my back and can’t work out (or turn to the right, for that matter) for weeks.

This isn’t healthy.

Last Thursday, a blog I follow mentioned an iPhone app called 4-Minute Workout. It was free for a few days, it reminded me of the “6-minute abs” joke in There’s Something About Mary, and the idea of a quickie workout appealed to me, so I downloaded the app.

A week later, I’m here to tell you that it is AMAZING.

Now, for all of you who get plenty of regular exercise and don’t sit at a desk all day, please proceed to scoff at the entire idea of a 4-minute workout. For the rest of you, hear me out. I’ll start with the most important part:

Despite being completely winded after my first 4-minute workout last Thursday, I felt the happiest I’ve been in months.

Now, I’m a very happy person. This isn’t a matter of me being unhappy. This is a matter of me feeling happy–that is, feeling endorphins churning through my body. Maybe “happy” isn’t the right word. I felt elated.

So instead of dreading the idea of working out, suddenly I started planning ahead for it. After a few days I was doing one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I even started adding in a few pull ups here and there. Who knows–maybe someday I’ll work up to the company’s other app..the 7-minute workout!

I highly recommend this app to anyone who sits at their computer all day. You could easily do this workout at work a few times a day. Let me know if you try it, or if you have a different approach to micro workouts!

6 thoughts on “The App That Saved My Heart”

  1. I’ve not tried any of these micro-workouts, but there was definitely something you said that struck a chord with me. If I don’t have a pretty regular flow of endorphins going, malaise hits me hard. Another reason I work out as much as I do. It makes me tolerable to be around. 🙂


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