50 Ways to Get a Job

No, this isn’t a how-to post about how to get a job. I’m quite happy with my job, and I’m not really qualified to tell you how to get one for yourself.

However, the other day I read about a web app designed to break down the process of getting a job into tiny, manageable, bite-sized chunks, which sounded clever, so I decided to take a look at it.

It’s called, as this post would suggest, 50wasytogetajob.com. I somewhat expected to find some generic site with a list of broad, fairly useless advice. What I actually found, though, was something…different. The 50 steps on the website are concise, practical, and kind of touchy-feely. Which is good. It gives you the feeling that the creators of the site are in touch with reality.

You can check it out and skip the rest of this post, but I’ll walk you through the concept with some screenshots.

When you arrive at the website, you see a number of tiles that define where you are in the job search process. See what I mean by touchy-feely?


Say you’re just starting out. You click on “Starting” and see this:


If you click on any of these tiles, the resulting page is fairly text heavy, so I won’t show it here. But it’s worth checking out, because the advice and links offer some fantastic advice for someone trying to figure out the next step in their career.

My favorite page is probably this one:


I love the specificity behind these options. “Record yourself in a stressful situation.” Can you picture any other job-search site offering you that advice? I’ve never seen that. But imagine how much you could learn by doing that!

I have absolutely no connection to this site, but I’m fascinated by it, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking about making a career change anytime in the next few years. Let me know if you discover something cool that I didn’t mention here!

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  1. This is very cool. I keep trying to think of a better comment but it is just cool. Smart. I also like the app Unstuck for the same reasons!


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