Great Music at the End of TV Shows and Mad Men Question

madmen705mainI was talking with a friend and former coworker today about Mad Men (if you’ve seen this week’s episode, you can read the spoiler-filled question at the end of this entry). She noted that each episode of Mad Men always ends with a great song, but wished the song was identified on the screen so she could immediately download it.

We went on to discuss other options for finding the name of the song (you can easily Google it or Shazam it), but wouldn’t it be so much easier if it were listed on the television screen? Why don’t shows do that?

A few of the other TV shows ending with great songs that came up were Entourage, Alias, and Girls. Can you think of any more?


Mad Men spoilers below


This week’s episode of Mad Men was pretty weird. After discussing it with a few people tonight, I was a little surprised by what people thought was the weirdest aspect of the episode.

To me, by far the weirdest part was the guy cutting off his nipple. I mean, it doesn’t get much weirder than that? Oddly enough, though, my friends thought the awkward threesome was the weirdest. It was somewhat unexpected, and Don didn’t seem into it, but I thought it had a purpose. In my opinion, Megan was trying give Don what she thought he wanted (other women) so he wouldn’t seek out their company elsewhere. Misconstrued, sure, but weirder than cutting off your nipple? No way. Not where I come from.

What do you think?

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  1. ****spoilers****

    The nipple incident seemed odd to me as well, mostly because Ginsberg’s craziness came out of nowhere, and he went off the deep end in a single episode. I mean, he was always a little strange, but that was just his quirky personality, not a mental illness. Then suddenly, he’s saying peculiar things, coming up with weird theories about how the new computer was turning them gay, and jumping on Peggy to “procreate.” While odd, I figured he was still upset about the new technology taking over the office. But then, BOOM, there went the nipple in the next scene!

    There was no real build up before his breakdown, nor any indication before this episode that he was having issues. It seemed especially surprising for a show like Mad Men, which often has a slow burn to it. I think the actor just landed his own show though, so they might have had to write him out quickly when it got picked up.

    The threesome surprised me for a moment, but it felt like something Megan would do. She’s an actress prone to dramatics and living in LA with her hippie, free-lovin’ friends. Things have been rough with Don lately, and she is obviously trying to get his attention and make sure that he will stay with her. It seemed in line with how her character has progressed, meaning I don’t think it would have worked if they’d tried it when she was first introduced on the show.

    That nipple thing though…. *shudder*

    • Katie: Exactly! I agree that Ginsberg’s craziness did kind of come out of nowhere. I thought it was kind of in line with his character. My friends seemed to think that the threesome was thrown into the episode just so Don could have a threesome (or entertainment value), while I thought it had a purpose, as you said.

  2. I’ve found “Haven” to have some great music (during the show) and around the fade-out/credits, frequently had to google episode and times and add to the amazon wishlists for present buying times of the year.


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