Movie Contrivance #21: Tossing a Cell Phone After Ending a Call

agents-of-shield-trioI was watching the season finale of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. today (this contrivance applies to movies and TV shows) when I noticed something odd. A character finished a phone call, tossed the phone over his shoulder (you could hear a loud “clank” as it landed, clearly broken)…and then in the next scene he answered another phone call.

Now, continuity error aside, isn’t that a public service notice to all characters in movies and TV shows that they should never casually dispose of their phone since they’re likely to get more phone calls in the future?

This contrivance stood out even more in that episode because another character did the same thing!

In my world, the very last thing I want to toss over my shoulder it after using it is my cell phone. Food, shoes, chapstick–I’m happy to toss any of those things over my shoulder for dramatic effect. But my phone? Sure, it’s an outdated iPhone, but there’s no way I’m throwing it away just because I don’t like a phone call! Who does that? Have you? Have you EVER done that?

Maybe there’s someone out there in real life who has actually done that, but can characters please stop doing it in movies and on TV?

1 thought on “Movie Contrivance #21: Tossing a Cell Phone After Ending a Call”

  1. A man I used to work for slung a $600 phone at a wall shattering it irreparably after a particularly contentious conversation. Not sure if he thought it was worth it in retrospect. He was pretty angry at that call though.


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