Top 10 Television Shows That Should Be Renamed

New-Girl-True-American-SchmidtIt all started with New Girl.

I really enjoy New Girl. Specifically, I enjoy it because the shows writers decided to create fully fleshed characters and story lines for everyone on the show, not just Zooey Deschanel. When they figured that out, the show got really good.

But that name…New Girl. Why on earth did they pick that name for the show? It was as if they expected the show to get canceled after one episode, because after that episode, Zooey is no longer the new girl. She’s just a girl who lives with some guys, and the show is about their lives and hi-jinks.

Hence this list.

(Warning: I’m probably not going to do a very good job with this, so feel free to help me out in the comments. These are pretty much just shows I watch, as I can’t vouch for the evolving story lines of other shows.)

  1. New Girl (suggested title: Schmidt’s Apartment OR Friends OR True American)
  2. The Daily Show (suggested title: The Four-Days-a-Week Show)
  3. Top Chef (One of Many Good Chefs)
  4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (I can’t rename this one without spoiling it)
  5. How I Met Your Mother (I really want to do this one but I’d totally spoil it!)
  6. Mad Men (suggested title: Mad People)
  7. The Mindy Project (currently doesn’t need a retitle and I love the show, but if it got the full New Girl treatment and treated all cast members equal to Mindy, the show would be even better and I’d rename it “Apgar Scores.” [Wait, no, that totally should be a new show about a gynecologist who also plays football.])
  8. Two and a Half Men (okay, I don’t watch this, but couldn’t it just be renamed “Three Men” at this point?)
  9. Saturday Night Live (suggested title: Saturday Night Live and Prerecorded Digital Shorts)
  10. Workaholics (suggested title: Three Friends Who Occasionally Go to Work)

I barely got to 10. I was hoping for shows where the setting completely changed over the course of the show (like if The Office was no longer set in an office by the end of the show), but there aren’t too many of them. Can you think of any?

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Television Shows That Should Be Renamed”

  1. “Cougartown” is a great example of this! It started out as a show about a somewhat older, divorced woman who dated a few younger guys at first, but quickly evolved into a show about a group of friends who basically hang out and drink wine. She starts a relationship with a guy her age, but the damage was already done and they couldn’t retitle the show at that point. Their solution? Openly mocking it on the title card during the opening credits.

    I also feel like “Revenge” needs a new title. It started off as this great show about a woman plotting revenge on the people who framed her father for a terrorist attack. But then it really started to go off the rails and they did a lot more talking about getting revenge than actual revenging. It’s recently started to get back on track again, but for a long time it was frustrating to watch. I feel like a small tweak to the title during that time would have been sufficient. They could have just called it “Revenge?”

    • I love it when a show can make fun of itself like that! I’ve never seen Cougartown, but I laughed out loud at that video. Very well done.

      “Revenge?” is also spot-on. Thanks Katie. 🙂

    • Good call. I only watched a few seasons of Burn Notice, but it seemed like it was heading in that direction.


    Okay, my suggestions:
    1) Friends With or Without Benefits
    2) The “We Used to side with Progressives but None are Left in Government” show
    3) Personality Disorders in a Kitchen. WIth Knives and Fire.
    4) Traitors in our midst
    5) Why I want to date your Aunt Robyn
    6) Functional Alcoholism in Corporate America
    7) If I had Taken My Father’s Advice and Gone to Med School I’d still be Single
    8) If Will and Grace had no gay characters
    9) Saturday Amateur Hour
    10) This isn’t what my college guidance counselor told me life would be like if I only studied the liberal arts.

  3. Also, I think Game of Thrones should be called “Nasty, Brutal and Sexual.” The last episode took us so far from the plot of the books that I’m not sure who killed _______ anymore.

    The old 80’s show “Hard Time on Planet Earth” should have been “Warrior Alien in LA” and its contemporary, “Probe” should have been “Our writers are smarter than our viewers.” NUM3ERS should be “CSI – Quantum Division” or “We can do computational statistics on a chalkboard in 20 minutes”. Much as I love “Quantum Leap” it could have been “Job: Time Machine Version” or “God uses chaos”.

    I’m going to stop now and turn off my computer and go outside.


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