The Best of World Cup Soccer

As you can tell by this blog, I’ve been enthralled by this World Cup. I’ve always loved soccer, but I’ve been a little surprised by how much of this tournament I want to watch live. The highlights are fine (that’s how I typically watch American football), but I’ve really enjoyed watching the back and forth … Read more

Some Things That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

A few things made me laugh out loud today, so I thought I’d share them with you for some Wednesday mirth. The first is a sketch from the show Portlandia. It’s a very short sketch, and I’ve made it even shorter by linking to the part where the laugh-out loud portion begins. All you need to … Read more

The Official Haircut of the 2014 World Cup

Every 4 years I look to the elite athletes performing in the World Cup for some amazing soccer, Oscar-worthy dives, and a new hairstyle to set trends for years to come. This year, though, I’m a bit baffled by the hairstyle of choice. If you haven’t noticed, here’s what it looks like: Shaved sides leading … Read more


I have a sordid and pretty unpatriotic history with the US National Soccer Team. I’m an American, so at heart I want the US team to do well on the world stage. I’ve also played soccer my entire life, so the sport is dear to me. Therein lies the conflict, though. I like to watch … Read more

Distractions and Creativity

Last year I wrote about how my increase in productivity and efficiency since getting a second computer monitor. I continue to love my multiple-monitor setup, but I’ve noticed that it–and my computer–are actually quite counterproductive for a specific subset of my job: creativity. Part of my job involves designing and developing board games, so I spend … Read more