DiGiorno to Test Delivery Service

DiGiorno-PizzaVEVEY, Switzerland (AP) – In a much-anticipated announcement, DiGiorno Pizza rolled out plans today for a frozen pizza delivery service.

DiGiorno Delivery, which has been under testing in California since 2012, involves a fleet of couriers who can be dispatched 24/7 via an online request or phone call. Customers can order from a variety of frozen pizzas, including Authentic Italian, Pizzeria Realto, and Meat. The service will become available across the United States starting on July 1.

“Millions of Americans already choose DiGiorno instead of brands like Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Dominos,” said spokesperson Lev Inler. “By expanding our supply chain, we expect to reach millions more.”

He added, “Sometimes going to the grocery store to pick out a pizza simply isn’t convenient. Why leave the comfort of your living room to purchase a frozen pizza when it could be delivered to your door?”

DiGiorno Delivery will offer the full range of DiGiorno-brand pizzas, including Original Rising Crust, Modern Unrising Crust, Chicago-Style Greasy “Pizza”, and Blueberry Pancake.

The service promises to be fast, reliable, and consistent: “It’s really that easy. Pick up the phone, place your order, and pre-heat your oven. 20-30 minutes later your frozen pizza will arrive, and then another 21-25 minutes afterwards–depending on altitude–you’ll have a piping hot pizza ready to eat.”

Industry insiders predict responses from other frozen pizza brands. The representatives from Totinos were at a pizza party and could not be reached for comment.

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