Double Please

gasPet Please #110: Brushing Your Teeth After a Long Flight

Even if you didn’t eat or drink anything since the last time you brushed your teeth, it feels SO good to brush your teeth after a long flight. Or any flight, for that matter. It might not be at the level of showering after a flight, but for the time it takes, it’s pretty awesome.

Pet Please #111: Filling Up an Empty Tank of Gas

I don’t like going to the gas station, so I do it as little as possible. Sometimes it means that I end up seeing the warning light before I begrudgingly fill up the tank.

This happened the other day, and I experienced an odd elation as I started the car after getting gas. Sure, I had just spend $52 on gas, but suddenly my car was telling me I could drive 390 miles without stopping. I could go anywhere.

(I went home and watched Orange Is the New Black, but still. I could’ve gone anywhere.)

What’s your pet please of the day?