On the Edge of My Seat

Edge_Of_Tomorrow_Blunt_Poster_7_18_13This blog entry does not have any spoilers for Edge of Tomorrow, but it does talk about the basic construct of the film as seen in the trailers.

I can’t stop thinking about how badass this movie is. I wish there were another word for it, but it has to be that word. It is simply badass.

I actually read about Edge of Tomorrow way back in 2010 when it was a spec script called All You Need Is Kill. A site called ScriptShadow reviewed the script, and immediately I was hooked on the concept: A soldier in the future dies during an alien invasion, only to “reboot” earlier that day to fight all over again, learning more about the aliens each time.

I love Groundhog Day, and I love the book Replay, so I had a feeling that I’d enjoy the movie. But I didn’t anticipate quite how good it would be until I saw it today.

The movie works for a few reasons:

  1. Every time the main character is presented with a new problem (which usually results in him dying immediately afterwards), you’re left wondering: How in the world is he going to solve that problem? That is the best possible question a viewer should wonder while watching a movie.
  2. The construct of the main character learning a little more each time keeps the movie moving along. You get a sense that all the fat has been trimmed from the film–you’re only seeing the important stuff. It never felt repetitive even though the main character is literally reliving the same day over and over.
  3. The director made the aforementioned badassery a priority throughout the movie. The main character obviously becomes more and more badass the more he learns about the aliens. But perhaps even more so, Emily Blunt is SO badass. Everything about her exudes badassery. I know now not to mess with Emily Blunt.

I can’t recommend this movie enough. Other than Her, it is the only 5-star movie I’ve seen in the theater this year. It’s absolutely worth the price of admission to see it on the big screen.

I declare the comments a pro-spoiler zone, so if you’ve seen the movie and want to discuss it there, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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