Is Morality in Our DNA?

Yesterday I watched a fascinating video from the NY Times about how infants apparently have an ingrained sense of morality. The video is definitely worth watching, but I’ll describe it here in brief. The study involved a number of very young children (6-9 months old) who were individually shown a short puppet show with a … Read more

Dating Naked

A few weeks ago I heard about a new dating show on VH1 called Dating Naked. I don’t watch dating shows, but I like nudity, so I dug deeper into the premise. Basically, the show features a man and a woman who go on a three dates with three different people on a tropical island. … Read more

Orphan Black Is the New Black

Last night I woke up in a cold sweat. I had been dreaming that Netflix sent me a documentary film I keep pushing down on my DVD queue instead of Orphan Black Season 1 Disc 3. The horror. Oh, the horror. In the morning I checked the unopened DVD packs on my coffee table. Disc … Read more