Dating Naked

A few weeks ago I heard about a new dating show on VH1 called Dating Naked. I don’t watch dating shows, but I like nudity, so I dug deeper into the premise.

Basically, the show features a man and a woman who go on a three dates with three different people on a tropical island. They do various island-themed dating activities and usually have a few drinks. Fairly normal date stuff.

But they’re completely naked the whole time. (VH1 blurs the body parts they can’t show on TV.)

Aside from some typical reality TV tropes and annoyances, the show is fascinating to watch. I’ve seen two episodes, and I’ve been trying to figure out exactly why it’s so interesting.

Part of it is that after a few hours of being naked, the participants actually seem to prefer to be naked. Every night on the island, they all hang out by the pool, and it’s the one time where they’re allowed to wear clothes. But they strip down almost as soon as they get there. These are people of all shapes and sizes–there have been a few people who look like models, but for the most part, these are regular folks who seem to be enjoying the freedom of being naked.

The other part is that the show isn’t particularly sexual. In fact, I would say that it’s less sexual than if they were wearing clothes, because unlike most first dates, they don’t have to wonder what the other person looks like naked. They know right away.

The last part that’s been a bit surprising–particularly on the first episode–is that when the guy made his choice for who he wanted to see for a “real” date after the island (both the main male and female get to choose someone), he did not choose the most attractive female. I know it sounds a bit shallow for me to say this, but this is a naked dating show on VH1–you kind of expect the participants to be there to hook up.

But the guy chose the girl he thought had the best potential in real life. Maybe he’s just a good guy, but I wonder if the premise of dating naked had something to do with it. When the veil of clothes is removed, perhaps it’s easier to see who people really are and to be yourself with them. Maybe?

Regardless, it’s been interesting to watch so far. I don’t think I could go on Dating Naked–I doubt that would make for good TV. Would you do it? What do you think about the idea of naked first dates on an island?

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    • Normally that might be it, but in this case the guy gushed over her attractiveness but chose the other woman.


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