Pet Please #113: When Boxers Try to Intimidate Each Other but Instead Look Like They’re Going to Kiss

Every now and then I’ll pull up ESPN on a weekend night to see the homepage dominated by sports I don’t follow at all: boxing and UFC fighting.

The photo is almost always the same: two huge, muscular dudes preparing to beat the crap out of each other in a stare-down before the fight.

They’re trying to intimidate each other. But to me, it always looks like they’re about to kiss. In fact, if you didn’t know that those two dudes were about to fight, you would definitely think they’re about to kiss.

For some reason this makes me happy: People trying to look tough but instead looking rather intimate. I enjoy juxtapositions.

I think there could be a whole website (or at least a Buzzfeed quiz) devoted to a mix of photos of boxers trying to intimidate each other and actual dudes about to kiss. It would be nearly impossible to score higher than 50% on the quiz if you removed the background images.

(Note: Just to be clear, I have nothing against dudes kissing if that’s what they’re into, nor do I think it’s funny by itself. It’s only amusing to me in this context where these two guys are actually about to go punch each other in the face for 30 minutes.)