Texting and Driving in the Theater

3031721-inline-i-1-vw-psa-texting-drivingEvery now and then I need a good reminder to not look at my phone while driving. Hence why I write about that subject here every now and then.

Fortunately my latest reminder didn’t come on the road, but rather from alert reader and friend Trevor. Trev spotted a really clever PSA that a movie theater tested a while back. You can watch the video here or just read my description of it below.

Before the movie, the audience is treated to a lengthy ad…or at least they think it’s an ad. It’s just first-person footage of someone driving. And driving. And driving.

Then, using some kind of amazing technology that doesn’t seem possible, everyone in the theater receives a text at the same time. Just as people in the audience look at their phones, the car in the ad swerves off the road and crashes.

The best thing about the PSA is that it served two purposes: It reminded people of the danger of texting and driving, and it made people scared to look at their phones in the theater. Because that’s the worst.

What types of things do you do to remind yourself not to look at your phone while driving?

Also: Community is coming back for one more season! It’ll be on something called Yahoo Screen, which is not a type of window guard. I hope it still feels like the same show.

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