What If the British Had Won?

hello ladiesA few days ago, alert reader John sent me a very clever Newcastle commercial that poses the question, “What if the British had won the Revolutionary War?” (As I’m writing that, I’m realizing that I have no idea what the British call that war. Surely not the same name, right?)

The commercial posits that if the British had won, we would now have:

  • better comedy
  • better television
  • better, more sophisticated rude words
  • better accents
  • higher taxes that would be spent on things like the royal family
  • lawyers who wear powdered wigs
  • all the mushy peas we could eat
  • free–albeit untimely-health care

If the US were still a part of Great Britain, would Harry Potter have the same magical appeal that it does to us Americans? Would we be really good at soccer but not win a game in the World Cup? Would we have just one universal English spelling for everything instead of American English and English English?

You tell me.

3 thoughts on “What If the British Had Won?”

  1. Universal spelling, I like that. A really good soccer team but not win a game in the World Cup! Haha, where are the Brits to defend themselves? 🙂 But I guess you can’t argue with the truth.


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