You Tell Me: Your Favorite Song Right Now

Lately my regular sources for new bands haven’t provided anything I’ve loved, so I was thinking I’d turn to you, faithful readers, to see your favorite song(s) right now. My taste in music skews towards alternative/folk/rock, with a little pop and electronic mixed in. Some of my favorite bands in the past year are Typhoon, Generationals, Phoenix, Grouplove, Vampire Weekend, and Lucius.

Also, there should be a website where I can enter my favorite bands and get suggestions for new bands and songs. I bet it already exists. I’ll try to find it.

Please make sure to recommend specific song(s), not just the bands. Thanks for your recommendations! Here’s a cat photo in exchange for your assistance.

cat food and sink

18 thoughts on “You Tell Me: Your Favorite Song Right Now”

  1. Coincidentally, I was planning on writing a blog post tonight about 2 songs that I recently discovered and really enjoy. One is called “Head On (Hold on to Your Heart)” by Man Man and the other is called “Try,” by Colbie Caillat.

    I use Spotify a lot to discover new music, and it’s really neat that you can find playlists other people (strangers or even friends) have made and then “follow” those playlists so whenever a new song is added by the list creator, it shows up in your queue too– I have a couple of Typhoon-based lists bookmarked that I really enjoy.

    • Thanks for your recommendations, Katy. I don’t use Spotify, but maybe I should. Has it recommended any bands that are similar to Typhoon for you?

      • Spotify has recommended quite a few bands that are similar to Typhoon– there’s an option to search for similar artists in the iPhone app, so I imagine there is a similar feature in the online/desktop browser one too. My only suggestion is if you decide to try it out, disable the option where it posts what you’re listening to on Facebook.

  2. Pandora will do that, especially if you work on tailoring your custom station. Set the seed with a few bands you really love, use the thumbs up and thumbs down often and if something over-saturates remove the seed (like if you want a touch of hip hop add a fav hip hop artist, then after thumbs upping a few songs remove the seed from your station) it took me about two days of doing this after a friend recommended it to get a station full of awesome music I absolutely loved, with tons of new songs come g on especially tailored to my tastes, and when you stop thumbing down/skipping you hardly get any ads. Then if you prefer buying music you will have a whole slew of song recommendations to work with. Just an idea 🙂

    For my specific song recommendations my current jams are a bunch of songs from the Doubleclicks new album Dimetrodon: you should especially check out “Tabletop and” cats and netflix” Jamey, but I also recommend “wonder”, “unstoppable force”, “Dimetrodon”, “Ennui (On We go)”, and “Love you like a Burrito” . My all time favorite band is Tegan & Sara, (which I think I recommended to you previously) Some tracks I’m currently digging of theirs is The Ocean, Where does the good go, Someday, Drove Me Wild, How Come You Don’t Want Me, and Now I’m All Messed Up. Also really digging some of their EDM collaborations: Bodywork (with Morgan Page), Every Chance We Get We Run (with David Guetta), & Feel it in My Bones (with Tiesto).

    • Angie: That’s a really good recommendation for Pandora. I have used it before but haven’t in a while–I’ll give it a try. And thanks for those specific songs! I’m really glad you introduced “Closer” to me, so I’ll check out Tegan and Sarah’s other recent songs. Also, “Cats and Netflix” is a great name for a song. 🙂

  3. John Prine: “Angel from Montgomery”
    Patty Griffin: “Go Wherever You Wanna Go”
    Bobby Womack: “The Bravest Man in the Universe”
    Willie Nelson: “If I Were the Man That You Wanted”

  4. I second what Katy said about Spotify. It’s a great site for discovering new bands. It uses what your first song you enter as a seed to find new songs/bands for you, unlike Pandora, which just plays the same song/artist over and over until you are brainwashed into buying it on iTune to listen some more.

    I haven’t use Spotify because Pandora is all I need at the moment and I’m lazy in creating an account on top of many other accounts of sorts.

    Song suggestion: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age
    Something different.

  5. My favorite song is Feels so Good by Chuck Mangione, recorded in 1978. Jazz, get the long version, 9:36. His radio edit at around 3:30 minutes, and he said “It felt like somebody had performed major surgery on me.”


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