It Ain’t Easy Being a Hermit

When I started working for myself full-time, I was a little worried that I would quickly become a hermit. I’m perfectly content going long stretches without seeing people, and I like my peace and quiet. However, I understand the value of seeing people on a regular basis, hence my concern about my natural tendencies versus … Read more

Must-Read Book: The Magician’s Land

3 years ago, I discovered a book called The Magicians. Written by Lev Grossman, the book follows an 18-year-old boy as he applies to a school of magic and searches for a Narnia-like world that even his most powerful professors don’t believe in. It was a rare work of literature that is not only beautifully written, but also … Read more

The Ice Bucket Non-Challenge

I doubt I need to explain the ice bucket challenge at this point, but just in case, it’s this thing where you get publicly challenged via video by someone who dumps a bucket of ice water on their head. You can film yourself doing the same thing within 24 hours (and maybe donate some money) … Read more

Boyhood and Guardians of the Galaxy

Recently I had the pleasure of watching two movies that could not be more different, but they were both enjoyable in their own way. The first is Guardians of the Galaxy. I knew nothing about the comic book, but I’ve come to trust Marvel as a movie brand, so I was really excited about this … Read more

Where Would You Go for a Food Vacation?

While feasting on one of the many delicious homecooked meals I ate while in Virginia recently, the topic of “food vacations” came up. Whenever I travel–particularly abroad–eating at a lot of interesting, local dishes is really important to me. My family visited me in Kyoto for a week back in 2001, and I planned every … Read more

Back from “Vacation”!

Do you ever get back from vacation feeling like you need a vacation? I’ve had a great couple of weeks. This is the first significant break I’ve taken from the blog in 7 years. I missed writing, but it was a good fit not to have to write while I was trying to relax. Emphasis … Read more