Boyhood and Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians_of_the_GalaxyRecently I had the pleasure of watching two movies that could not be more different, but they were both enjoyable in their own way.

The first is Guardians of the Galaxy. I knew nothing about the comic book, but I’ve come to trust Marvel as a movie brand, so I was really excited about this one. Then it started getting really good reviews, and I was worried that it was overhyped and I’d be disappointed when I saw it.

I was wrong.

This is one of the rare movies I’ve seen in years where the hype lived up to the movie. It was awesome. The world of Guardians is completely unique and fleshed out, and the action scenes are amazing.

But most importantly (and unique to the movie) is (a) how funny it is and (b) how great each of the characters are. This is a character-driven popcorn flick. You really care about these people/creatures, and you want to learn more about them.

I loved Guardians and would highly recommend it.

The second is Boyhood. This is an extremely ambitious movie, as it was recorded over a period of 12 years using the same actors and actresses. The result is a film that evolves in a way like no other. You basically see a lot of little snippets from a family’s life over time, and the continuity of seeing these actors age is incredible.

The movie made me think about a lot of things even though the “boyhood” represented in the movie in no way resembled my own. I wouldn’t say it’s a movie I’d watch again, as it’s pretty slow to unravel, but I think it’s worth seeing. Or you could just watch the trailer and be impressed by the ambition of it.

What has been your favorite movie of the summer?

2 thoughts on “Boyhood and Guardians of the Galaxy”

  1. You should try the comic.. It’s even weirder than the movie.. There’s even a spaceship powered with faith from their followers . Faith Engine.. Lol


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