My Greatest Fear #50: Spraying Toilet Water in My Eyes

toilet brushWhen I was a kid, one of the weekly chores I had to take care of was cleaning the toilets. The method my parents taught me was to squirt cleaning fluid in the toilet, roll up my sleeves, and clean the toilet with an old rag. For some reason it never occurred to my parents the amount of disgusting bacteria that ended up on my delicate fingers.

So as an adult, I always use a toilet brush to clean the toilet. However, the one downside to the stiff bristles of the toilet brush is that they tend to flick water around the bowl. Which is fine if the water stays in the bowl, but…what if it doesn’t? What if it sprays toilet water into my eyes?

To prevent this from happening, I squint my eyes tight so there’s just enough of a gap for me to see what I’m doing. I really should get goggles for this. In fact, as I’m typing this, I remembered that I have racquetball goggles. They would be perfect for this.

Do you clean your toilets using this method? Have you ever sprayed toilet water in your eyes?

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