Puppy Longstocking

I don’t play (or enjoy) many party games, but a few months ago I discovered on party game that I really enjoy: Telestrations.

You may have played this game by another name at some point. Basically, you write a word on a flipbook, turn the page, and pass it to the next person. That person then draws their best depiction of the word, flips the page, and passes it to the next person. That person writes what they think the word is. And so on. Just like in the game Telephone, the secret phrase or word gets more and more distorted as the book makes its way around the table.

Everyone has a flipbook they’re passing, so all players are involved at all times, and there are lots of giggles and sighs of confusion (or lack of drawing ability). Oh, and everything is timed. You have 60 seconds to draw or guess.

When all of the flipbooks have gone around the table once, people take turns telling the “story” of their book. This is best done blind–that is, even the storyteller doesn’t know what’s coming.

We played Telestrations tonight. And I will tell you–I always laugh when playing this game. It can be very, very funny. But nothing made me laugh harder than the drawing at the bottom of the post.

The photo is a little misleading. It was actually on the previous page of the book that someone had guess “Puppy Longstocking.” Which is not at all a thing. So the next person in line–Mel–was tasked with actually drawing this fictional character. This is the work of art she produced:

Puppy Longstocking

This might be the best thing I’ve ever seen.

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