The Top 10 Lines from Tonight’s Episode of The Mindy Project

I love the Tuesday night comedy block of New Girl/The Mindy Project. Tonight’s episode of New Girl was really funny–there was a great “modeling” scene and some solid lines. At the time, I would have been happy if The Mindy Project was equally as funny.

Little did I know the hilariousness that was about to ensue.

As I watched, I jotted down the lines that made me genuinely laugh out loud. Not chuckle. Not titter. Actually laugh out loud. And there were 10 of them! That’s unheard of in a sitcom. So I thought I’d share them with you in chronological order with context in case you don’t watch the show (which you should).

  1. Mindy (to Danny after he mentioned Hillary Clinton): “Who is ‘Hillary’? Sometimes I feel like you’re just making these people up!”
  2. Mindy (to Morgan after he misquoted her saying that she would never ignore her friends for a boyfriend): “I would never promise that–all I’ve ever wanted in my life is to abandon all my friends for a boyfriend.”
  3. Danny (to Mindy, listing how much he trusts Mindy’s claims): “I believe that you floss, I believe that your gym is closed for a multi-year remodel,…”
  4. Mindy (eating a full tube of raw cookie dough): “Oh, cookie dough, please solve my problems.”
  5. The ostracized, lonely English doctor (to Morgan as he entered his office): “Oh, a person! Like in the picture.” (refers to photo of coworkers on his desk)
  6. Mindy (showing remorse to Morgan for missing his graduation party): “I think I just got wrapped up with my boyfriend and I forgot the relationship that’s most important–that of a casual work acquaintance.”
  7. Danny (to Mindy, explaining how he got caught up in the moment): “The Giants won, I used my pizza stone, you were wearing those sexy stockings,…”
  8. Morgan (reading his text out loud, mispronouncing “!!!”): “Exclam exclam exclam.”
  9. Danny (to Mindy, after a near arrest): “Wait, now I’m going to be in the police blotter–that’s your thing!”
  10. Danny (to Mindy as she gnaws on his whipped-cream soaked hand): “What’s wrong with you? We just ate!”

I don’t think this quotefest quite does the episode justice. It’s worth watching.


4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Lines from Tonight’s Episode of The Mindy Project”

    • Maybe a little of both? 🙂 I think a lot of them are closely tied to the characters, so perhaps it’s not the best episode to watch if you’re brand new to the show.

  1. My reactions to each item as I read the list.
    1. I don’t get it.
    2. Yep. HAHAHA!
    3. Aww… Cute!
    4. AH! Gross. Why would you eat raw cookie dough, people!? Ewww.
    5. Also don’t get it. There must be something before this scene to make sense of these lines I don’t get.
    6. Another aww.
    7. Hey, hey, sexy stockings! That reminds me I need to get some socks and pants for work.
    8. What’s exclam? *Finally notice the “!!!” after five times of re-reading* Oh, exclamation point!
    9. Whatever floats her boat. Fuzzy handcuffs?
    10. There’s always room for dessert, sir. Especially for the ladies. We have an extra stomach just for that.


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